This demo page is made for my Simple Carousel Block plugin and built with the default WordPress Twenty Twenty-Three theme.

Table of contents

1. Image carousels
1.1 Simple carousel with dots navigation
1.2 Fullwidth image carousel with autoscroll
2. Infinite logo carousel
3. Content sliders

1. Image Carousels

In this example we’re using different image sizes and proportions and it is totally okay because we have an option to align slides vertically in block settings.

1.2 Fullwidth image carousel with autoscroll

The plugin allows you to decide whether you would the carousel to be the same as the width of the content or it should be wider.

Also when you have a lot of slides displayed at the same time in desktop, you will have to make sure, that the carousel is responsive and only displays the appropriate amount of slides on mobile. My block allows to do that.

2. Infinite Logo Carousel

Creating a logo carousel slider for my client was actually where I got the idea to develop this plugin.

Below is an example logo carousel with some random brands I like. I intentionally used unmodified unresized files (Jpeg, Png, Svg) I took from Google images.

3. Content Sliders

Of course, you can add to slides not only images but also some text content, headings and even apply some styles. There is a video how I did the slider below.

Have questions? Feel free to ask!